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  Spot Removal:  (General spots � food, beverage, soil)  


Blot up any free liquid by putting a folded towel or absorbent pad over the spot.  


Apply spot cleaner (mix � teaspoon liquid detergent and 1 cup cold water)  


Gently agitate spot  


Place a folded, white towel, on spot  


Apply pressure to towel by standing on towel for at least one minute or until no more moisture is being transferred to the towel.  


If stain is not completely removed, repeat step until no more stain transfers onto the towel.  

Pet Stains (urine and feces)



Use a bacteria/enzyme digester type cleaner, such as �Simple Solution� which can be found at most local pet supply stores.  Use the same steps listed above substituting the enzyme solution for the spot cleaner.  Please bear in mind that bacteria/enzyme digesters always take time to work.  You should not use this on wool or silk rugs.  
  Reoccurring Spots  


These spots are usually caused from residue from excessive amounts of cleaning agents.  Use the following steps to remedy this situation.



1. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of water.
2. Put solution in a clean spray bottle.
3. Spray area liberally, but do not over saturate.
4. Place a folded white towel to spot
5. Apply pressure to spot by standing on towel for 2 � 3 minutes or until  no more moisture is being transferred to the towel.
6. Allow to dry
7. If spot reoccurs repeat above procedure.



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